Fancy and Designer Fashion Jewellery

Fashion, jewellery and a woman, three of these make a bold statement on their own. We hope you do confirm it as an affirmative. Without any of it, either of them would feel incomplete. Heavy bangles, designer earrings, bedazzling bracelets and impeccable beauty of a neck piece, these are fashion accessories that only a woman can understand and feel all happy in and out. Jewellery is every girl’s precious belonging, that they treasure all their life. Hardly, there might be any woman, who doesn’t really likes to wear any piece of jewellery.

Designer Jewellery, as they say, adds an extra charm to the beauty of a woman. Ever since, the time of Adam and Eve, accessorising self, was always one thing, a woman learned about first *wink*. From the ancient times, adorning a beautiful neckpiece made by sea corals and shells, pearls and gems, beads and handcrafted stones, was quite an approach to beauty. So now, whether you are a teen or a beautiful young girl or mature woman, gifting you jewellery is what makes you happy the most, has been figured out by all the Yang community.

Woman, have always loved looking the best of them, putting on a nice outfit and complementing with an extremely beautiful ornament to enhance their entire look. Fashion jewellery is becoming a bold, hip to the trend and style statement for a woman, who rules the world of fashion. Be it a wedding, a family gathering, a business meet, or any such event, a quick fix of fashion accessory adds an extra style to the outfit. They not only look elegant but also add the right amount of glam, as well! The best part of fashion jewellery is unlike real jewellery, they come in many style and colours, so it helps in putting a perfect combo by just selecting the right piece.

The demand for stunning designs in fashion jewellery is rising day by day since retro styles are coming back in the light. Twinkling neckpiece and wooden crafted bangles, earrings and bracelets are extremely elegant and termed as long lasting. However, they need attentive eyes to take proper care for their lasting. Ladies, while buying yourself, some great stuff from the jukeboxes of a jewellery shop, make sure; you pay extra attention to the details of the ornaments. If you are purchasing any antique jewellery, the attention should be even more to it. We are sure, you had never wanted to pay for something, which never lasted for long and became quite useless to adorn it on yourself later.

Fashion jewellery is all about what suits your personality. Whether it’s expensive or inexpensive, precious or semi-precious, old retro style or modern contemporary look, it’s all about how you wear it, and how much you stand out in the crowd. Touché to that!

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6 Tips for Remodeling Projects

For most homeowners, there comes a time when you start thinking about the “what ifs” of remodeling your home. It may be that you want a larger bathroom, need to add on an extra bedroom, or want to do that kitchen remodeling project that will turn your space from functional but bland to professional and beautiful. Regardless of the project, chances are, you have spent a bit of time daydreaming and thinking about the ways you can use that space, and better yet, add resale value to your home.

Speaking of resale value, keep in mind when it comes to adding money to your sell price, the 2 most sought after home remodeling projects are those done to the kitchen and the master bathroom. However, any home upgrade, but especially a bath or kitchen makeover, should be approached with several parameters and considerations. After all, the goal is to be able to sell the home and get as much out of as possible. If you are considering a remodeling project, then these elements need to be a part of design stage:

· Be careful about creating a space that is designed using all the trends and styles of the day. Architectural styles, like those in fashion world, change. You don’t want your home to be dated. To make the most of your remodel monies keep structural, architectural, and key elements neutral in design.

· Come up with a plan and stick to it. You will make your construction team frustrated, and will add to your cost by making frequent changes once they have started the work.

· Be sure you understand the work process. Talk to the contractor and know what to expect, when.

· Don’t skimp on counter space! This is especially important in a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

· When possible, use natural light wherever you can. Large windows, skylights, etc. are all vital elements of a room design.

· Make a list of the things your design Must Have as well as the things you can live without. This will help you narrow down what your new space needs to be like.

Whether remodeling the kitchen, master bath, family room or any other space, these tips can help ensure that you can get the maximum return on your investment. If you have questions about what remodeling projects will best help you talk to a local realtor or a construction company. By talking to the pros, you can be sure that whether you simply want to make your home more perfect for you, or are looking for a way to increase the resale value that your money will be wisely invested.

A Colour Forecast For Spring 2017

Forget the monochrome look, forget restraint. One of the strong trends that we can look forward to in spring 2017 is vibrant colour. Think wacky, age of Aquarius style psychedelia. Many of the looks that will come to the fore in spring of next year are going to be a riot of colour. This is great for those of us who love vibrant shades and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, though perhaps not so good for shrinking violets or those with a more muted aesthetic.

Tie dye is back and there is something of a resurgence of the hippie fashion aesthetic. For Resort, designers showed a range of tie-dye clothing. Both inner and outerwear items were shown and there was plenty of colour on display, much of it in bold, rich tones that are all about the character and the playful wackiness.

Spring summer 2017 could be the time to revisit the Summer of Love. But this psychedelia has a sort of contemporary edge, with bold shapes, geometric designs and a strong line in global multiculturalism that reflects our more connected modern age. The way to wear this multi-coloured extravaganza is definitely to give it some gusto, but also a bit of an edge. Think whimsy but with a slightly harder urban slant.

The key to looking up to date and not like you have been lost and wandering on the hippie trail since the 60s is to choose pieces with a more modern shape when going for rainbow coloured clothes. Mismatched patterns and quirky combos will edge this look into another spring summer 2017 look – the chic geek. The idea is that pretty much anything goes and you should let your freak flag fly, showing your own unusual and unique personality through the way you dress.

This colour extravaganza borrows not only from the pschedelia of the 1960s but also from the colourful aesthetic of Tibet, its woven fabrics, strong patterns and bright colours, all with a slightly spiritual bent. There is also a large dose of inspiration taken from Cuba, a nation opening to the US for the first time in over fifty years and one with a strong culture and tropical aesthetic.

Colour inspiration is also taken from the northern Californian coast, rich mid-tone blues and beachy hues mingle in with brighter tropical colours. No matter where you look, the spring summer 2017 trends are all about colour. Developing a really good colour sense and knowing which colours will suit you is the key to looking good and finding your own perfect look for the coming seasons.

Decorating Trends You Should Have At Home This 2016

Home is where truly the heart is. Decorating your homes this 2016 can truly bring out the character of your living areas. As you try to personalize and decorate your homes according to this year’s current design trends and style, you should consider several factors prior to pursuing your home decorating project. Trending trends vary per year and this 2016 sharpness, colors and natural materials top the list of the most popular styles and trends you will have to consider for this year.

Furniture and other designs are also up for innovation and improvement. To give your home a different look and feel this year 2016, here are some of the decorating trends you might want to consider:

Green as the nature
In the battle against climate change and pollution, nature-friendly homes are becoming famous. Plants and other living things that can act as decorations at home are now becoming a trend in home decor and design. Try to put more plants to create a nature-filled vibe at home. Timber blinds, natural decorations, drift wood and natural stones are just some of the decors and accessories you can include in your home decorating plans for this year.

Black Stainless Steel
Black will never lose its cool this 2016. Appliances and other fixtures at home that are black stainless will run throughout this year. Thus, gives you a classy and elegant vehemence in the household. Though black and white trends will say goodbye for this year, black alone will still remain to be a favourite accessory for homes this year.

Bold Colors and Printed Designs
Bold colors and printed designs are also in this 2016. Not just in fashion but in home decorations – it lives with the hype of fashion trends that keeps up with what the household should be like. Graphic and geometrical design is also a very interesting piece you can have as focal points or accessories for your homes.

Vintage Touches
You might think vintage items are already out-of-style, but this 2016, it will be alive and kicking again to bring back the past decade look and feel inside homes. It can also serves as a little throwback to every home interior as well as to the guests you are about to let in. Quilted table cloths, headboards and the like will also return back as favourite home accessories for homes.

Creative Storage
Get away from the clutter and activate all your creativity to put a good storage for your things. In accordance, creative storage can maximize the use of spaces and areas at home. It also avoids so much clutter and the like and gives a neat look for home. There are many creative and top of the line home decor and storage furnishings that are now available in the market. You’ll be surprised with the functionality and style that these items can contribute for your homes.