Decorating Trends You Should Have At Home This 2016

Home is where truly the heart is. Decorating your homes this 2016 can truly bring out the character of your living areas. As you try to personalize and decorate your homes according to this year’s current design trends and style, you should consider several factors prior to pursuing your home decorating project. Trending trends vary per year and this 2016 sharpness, colors and natural materials top the list of the most popular styles and trends you will have to consider for this year.

Furniture and other designs are also up for innovation and improvement. To give your home a different look and feel this year 2016, here are some of the decorating trends you might want to consider:

Green as the nature
In the battle against climate change and pollution, nature-friendly homes are becoming famous. Plants and other living things that can act as decorations at home are now becoming a trend in home decor and design. Try to put more plants to create a nature-filled vibe at home. Timber blinds, natural decorations, drift wood and natural stones are just some of the decors and accessories you can include in your home decorating plans for this year.

Black Stainless Steel
Black will never lose its cool this 2016. Appliances and other fixtures at home that are black stainless will run throughout this year. Thus, gives you a classy and elegant vehemence in the household. Though black and white trends will say goodbye for this year, black alone will still remain to be a favourite accessory for homes this year.

Bold Colors and Printed Designs
Bold colors and printed designs are also in this 2016. Not just in fashion but in home decorations – it lives with the hype of fashion trends that keeps up with what the household should be like. Graphic and geometrical design is also a very interesting piece you can have as focal points or accessories for your homes.

Vintage Touches
You might think vintage items are already out-of-style, but this 2016, it will be alive and kicking again to bring back the past decade look and feel inside homes. It can also serves as a little throwback to every home interior as well as to the guests you are about to let in. Quilted table cloths, headboards and the like will also return back as favourite home accessories for homes.

Creative Storage
Get away from the clutter and activate all your creativity to put a good storage for your things. In accordance, creative storage can maximize the use of spaces and areas at home. It also avoids so much clutter and the like and gives a neat look for home. There are many creative and top of the line home decor and storage furnishings that are now available in the market. You’ll be surprised with the functionality and style that these items can contribute for your homes.

Buying A Designer Shoes

Designer shoes are always fashionable and stylish. They of course attract higher prices compared to regular ordinary shoes because attention is given to every detail to make sure that the end product uniquely stands out in one feature or another. These are shoes manufactured by top class designers who follow stuff, trends and patterns. The professional designer complements every pair to achieve that perfect look.

Why buy them?

They are durable. This is because the designers use only high quality materials to manufacture the shoes. The shoes are therefore able to withstand constant wear and tear compared to ordinary shoes that start wearing off after a few uses. All measures are taken to ensure durability and good quality and you get this assurance when buying the popular designs.

They offer comfortable wear. This can still be attributed to the choice of materials when manufacturing the designer shoes. The designers also have the end user in mind when making the shoe and they give attention to all areas that are known to be problematic to wearers and make necessary improvements and enhancements. Apart from making the shoes to be fashionable, the designers make them to be most comfortable regardless of the designs they settle for. You can say goodbye to leg cramps and blisters which are common with shoes made only with appearance in mind.

They are creative and innovative. Even when wearing the simplest flat designer shoe, it is highly unlikely that it will go unnoticed. Designer shoes are quite modest and they evolve as the ideas flow through the minds of the designers. The shoes are highly iconic and remain trendy for a long time. If you love standing out from the crowd, then you should think about investing in a few pairs of designer shoes; you will rarely find yourself wearing similar shoe with tens of other people as it is usually the case with ordinary shoes.

How to buy

Wearing designer shoes will without doubt give you an edge, but you must also be careful when making your purchase. The first thing to remember is that there are fake designer shoes out there. There are manufacturers who are very good at faking the shoes and if you are not very careful with your shoe source, you could end up with a fake designer shoe.

Designer shoes are a little expensive and you want to be ready for the purchase before you start your search for the best. The best you can do is to buy the shoes from the designer stores you can trust for quality. If you are buying online, make sure you make the purchase from the official designer sites or online stores with a good reputation in terms of stocking real designer shoes.

It is also a very good idea to know which designers you are targeting or you can compare the different workmanships of the different designers before you choose a shoe line that matches your taste and style. You can stick to one designer or try out different ones if you are looking for versatility in your shoe rack.

When buying designer shoes, a store that has been in the shoe business of long is always best. Take your time to find out how genuine the shoes in stock are before making your purchase to get quality for money spent.

Lingerie for Women

Are you not familiar with the term “lingerie”? Well, let’s get introduced. Lingerie is generally considered as women’s undergarments. The word “lingerie” comes from the French word “linga” which means “linen”. It actually means women’s nightclothes or underwear in English. In 1922, the word “lingerie” was first used to refer to bras and undergarments. Though most of the lingerie is usually designed for women, but now some manufacturers also make lingerie for men.

The trend of lingerie started from the 19th century. Lady Duff-Gordon initiated the way of developing and designing it. At the beginning, women’s undergarments were very large and bulky. So, the demand was low then. But with the passage of time, the demand has grown higher and higher. Today, using lingerie has become a trend in new generations. Most of the women use it as it is fashionable and alluring to them.


Different types of materials are used in lingerie undergarments. Materials are used according to customers demand and desire. It uses materials which are stretchy, flexible, sheer or even decorative materials like nylon, polyester, satin, lace, silk, Lycra etc. Materials which are stretchy and flexible are mostly used. But demand for decorative materials is also high. Silk, nylon, satin etc. are some of the most used decorative materials.

Market Demand

In the 21st century the lingerie market found its turning point. Today, it has earned a leading position in global market share. Besides, modern science and technology has helped a lot in making innovative items like molded T-shirt bras and laser cut seamless bras. Nowadays, designers are putting a lot of effort in making rich looking fabrics, laces, embroideries etc. In 2003, the amount of global market share was $29 billion and in 2005, 56% of the lingerie market share was held by bras. So, it is undeniable that the market demand is very high.

Categories and sizes

Today, there are different categories and sizes available in the lingerie market. Different categories like bikini, baby doll, Basque, Bed jacket, Bloomers, Bodysuit, Brassiere, Corset, Corsage, French maid, Chemise etc. are available.

Not all the women have the same body size. They have different body shapes according to their structure. Previously, finding different sizes was a little bit tough. This was especially for women with a plus size body; they had to face many difficulties. But that’s not the case today. In today’s market, there is a wide range of variety available. There are super shops and online markets. If somebody hesitates to buy from shops, they can order online. Women can do research at home and purchase online. It saves both time and money.


There are so many benefits of using lingerie. The most important ones will be discussed here. Different persons use it for different purposes. Firstly, it helps a woman to look more attractive. It has health benefits also. It is used to maintain hygiene in private body parts. It also helps in private matters like sexual intercourse.

Diamond Jewellery Trends 2016

For those who love delicate jewellery, diamond is the first choice. If you are one among them, here is some good news. Delicate diamond jewellery is in vogue this year. All you need to master is how to wear them in style.

Delicate Darlings

Large cocktail rings studded with diamond are passé. Delicate diamond jewellery that is like a second skin and is easy to wear is in vogue in 2016. It has been embraced by not just chic women, but even by hip youngsters.

Get your jewellery personalised

Personalised diamond jewellery is also big this year. And fashion-conscious women are busy giving unique touches to their jewellery. They are making their diamond jewellery personal, and having a bit of fun at that. They are making a splash with diamond-studded letter bracelet and necklace, which are worn singly or stacked together. You can play with initials or even complete words. For instance, spells out your name or any other fun words like “LOL” adorned with small diamonds for a delicate look.

Stack it up

In 2016, it is all about collectability and personalised look. Stack, mix and match diamond jewellery; that is the way you should wear jewellery this year. Stacking diamond bracelets, rings and even necklaces is the natural first step to personalising. Just focus on bringing informality to your look. Wearing one diamond ring is so formal, but one on each finger gives you a comfortable look, and you can team it up with your jeans. Slender diamond bracelets that can be stacked up on the wrist are high on fashion. Think about the grunge meets glamour look while wearing delicate diamond jewellery this year and you will be spot on.

How about mismatched diamond earrings!

Multiple ear piercings have become more mainstream. You will find the young and the old alike wearing mismatched diamond earrings, too. For instance, you may find a diamond-dusted miniature key dangle from one, and a padlock studded with diamonds from the other.

Diamond pins for that sophisticated look

Diamond pins have also made a comeback with a bang in 2016. They can be worn on jackets and even saris to add a very personal touch to your outfit.

Cuffed in style

Diamond cuffs look immaculate when you team them up with five or more. You can wear them with cocktail dresses, saris, or lehengas for a formal look. Also, you can wear them with jeans for an informal look.

Diamond studded large hoop earrings

Diamond studded large hoop earrings are in vogue in 2016. But forget the plain-looking hoops of yesteryear; we’re talking about diamond and precious gemstone-studded hoops for a stylish take on the bohemian look.

Diamond jewellery attracts attention with its spark and radiance. Moreover, it matches with any outfit and enhance your personality. Discover beautifully designed diamond jewellery from Gaj Gallery to suit every occasion.